Vladimir is a landing theme for almost any project with demo and documentation supports based on Vue.js.

Special Notes §

As this project is an early project of mine (quite simple and crude), and it is based on version 2.x of Vue (whose latest version is version 3.x), this project may not be updated anymore.

This project is only used for learning purpose. DO NOT use it in production environments in case of potential security issues of the project’s legacy dependencies.

Table of Contents §

Features §

Already here §

  • Overview page
  • Demo page
  • Documentation page
  • About page (WIP)
  • Fully Markdown rendering support
  • Localization (maybe some refactor or optimization in the future)
  • Color themes
    • Default theme (Light theme)
    • Dark theme

Coming soon §

  • Travis-CI support
  • Unit test
  • Skeleton
  • Server-Side Rendering & SEO

User guide §


Contribution §

Although Vladimir may not be updated anymore, you can still make any contribution to this project if you find it useful.

License §

This project is under MIT License.