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Codes and other resources of courses offered in School of Computer Science & Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology in undergraduate stage.

This repository is used to provide programming and learning reference to the juniors studying in CS, BIT.

:warning: However, plagiarism will never be recommended. Think about everything by yourself at first, and do everything by yourself at last. :warning:

Table of Contents §

Courses §

This repository currently includes codes of following courses:

And review outlines & notes resources of following courses:

As the Markdown rendering engine of GitHub does not support LaTeX formula typesetting currently, there may exist several bad formats in the Markdown files.

Also, due to the shortage of Markdown, images in the most of Markdown files are removed.

Continually updating…

Call for Contribution §

If you are a student studying in School of CS, BIT, I wish you can help me to improve this repository. Your contribution will definitely benefits every junior sutdents in the future.


To make your own contribution, you can just fork this repository and create PRs, or contact me for other methods.

For more details, please refer to CONTRIBUTING.

Declaration §

The maintainer and contributors of this repository are NOT responsible for ANY positive or negative effect caused by abuse of ANY content in this repository.


This project is under MIT license.